Ever since I laid eyes on Quaint by GSC, I was fully captivated. Each piece had such a creative edge and the use of Afican fabrics melted my soul. Having purchased two pieces; a fanny pack and a crossbody bag I’m fully pleased to be acquainted by such a pleasant boss lady whose attention to detail & high quality makes me feel in touch with my roots while staying stylish and sassy. 

Stacy-Ann Sutherland

I've always been proud to display my African culture so I’m glad I came across Quaint by GSC. Their pieces embody afrocentrism with a fresh outlook. Each item is unique & I feel special each time I carry my Quaint Midnight Backpack around.

I also love that you can customize patterns and colours to reflect your identity. I felt well acquainted upon my first customer service experience. It’s as if we already knew each other.

Precianne Miller

The trendy Afrocentric quirks of QuaintbyGSC made me decide to #GetacQuainted. I’m excited with each order I make because it’s a collaborative effort between me and GSC to create something that’s totally unique and captures my personality. My favourite thing about the brand is their passion to satisfy clients. GSC always listens to my requests and is always willing to customize my piece.

Now I have a list of things to get that I’m slowly working through which will require the help of QuaintbyGSC 😊 I’m happy with my one-of-a-kind products and I look forward to the others that I will purchase! #HappyIGotacQuainted #MaybeWeCanBeFriends

Arielle Oliver

QUAINTBYGSC, What an exceptional brand!
I must say when I first saw these designs, I was very intrigued with how they looked and this had nothing to do with quality! It was not long after that I began wondering if it would just be another brand of pretty non-durable items but I now have a WIDE range of products from this line, bagpack, tote, clutch (LOTS OF COLORS), fanny pack, YOU NAME IT; all over a year and counting. I’m very pleased!!!! Keep pushing. I LOVE YOUR WORK! LOVE FROM JAMAICA.

Miseanie Falconer