Why We Don’t Use Animal Leather

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If I had a penny for every time someone asked the question “Is is leather?”, I’d certainly be rich by now. All too often customers will visit our booth at expos and events, look around, inspect the products and pop that question. That led me to consider venturing into leather craft. It would be an excellent way to attract customers who prefer leather and expand my brand’s market. But as time went by my mind was changed. 

What’s the point in compromising my beliefs simply to make more money? Besides the fact that I am vegan there are plenty other reasons why I don’t use animal leather and prefer to use vegan leather. Check them out below:

Reason #1:

Vegan Leather offers more room for creativity. With a wide range of colours and textures to choose from there’s no way you can get bored. Bright green, burgundy, royal blue, bronze and gold are some of my favourite colours to work with. Finding a bold african print to go with it is my favourite part. Once the Quaint aesthetics are applied, without a doubt, a masterpiece is born.  

Reason #2:

Animal Leather is harvested by ripping the slaughtered animal’s skin from its body. I grew up with a first hand view of how this process is done as my father is a butcher. The entire process is quite gruesome to witness. Instead of playing a role in the gruesome act by using animal leather I’ve decided to stick to the cruelty-free route. 

Reason #3:

Vegan Leather is stronger and more durable than you think. I believe once you take care of Vegan Leather products you can have them for 2-5 years. Probably even more. It’s beautiful to have a leather product that lasts for a lifetime but let’s be honest, everything will suffer wear and tear after a long period of time. Because quality and durability means a lot to me I source the best quality vegan leather for Quaint bags. 

To further strengthen the vegan Leather used for Quaint bags I have made it my duty to add the necessary reinforcements. These include autoupholstery and nylon thread amongst many others. At possible weak spots the vegan Leather is doubled to withstand any pressure that may be added. 

Reason #4:

Turning skin into leather takes loads of energy and a toxic brew of chemicals—including mineral salts, coal-tar derivatives, formaldehyde, oils, dyes, and finishes, some of them cyanide-based. Tannery waste contains water-fouling salt, lime sludge, sulfides, acids, and other pollutants. 

That sums it up! Four reasons why I don’t use animal leather for Quaint bags. Overall, vegan leather is an animal activist's alternative to real leather. If your craft isn’t in alignment with your beliefs it’s worth nothing at all. 

 If you’re still not a fan of vegan leather then feel free to try out our canvas and denim products. All Quaint bags are customizable by print, colour, material of choice, names, symbols and/or initials. 

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